...become part of an organic and transparent process of educated choices leading to positive decisions...  


Boltree stands as an honest and transparent service provider within the prefabricated building Industry with an unique combination of services offered.


We create designs of economical yet luxuriuous prefabricated buildings both as custom order or a la carte.


Our buildings come with fully finished interiors and furnished upon request.



Ethical, transparent and friendly.


Everything starts with a mission: we want to build a better planet and improve the quality of the built environment with a strong keen for sustainability, durability and a long lasting product without compromising your pockets.


After consulting with other  "prefabricated" building groups, and the realizaton of how many bugs the prefabricated system industry has, Boltree was born to embody the concept of clean energy and environment by creating a formula based on transparency.


Even the most educated customers who venture in building their first home, face a huge learning curve and most importantly (unfortunately) quite a lot of individuals who are ready to capitalize on that lack of knowledge. Most of the time if not all, owners state that if they could do it all over again, they would do it differently.


Boltree was conceived to deliver that "different" approach and process that every Owner wishes they knew about.


At Boltree you do not talk to salesmen who work on a commission, but to Architects and Interior Designers with a strong ethical foundation, which is also imposed by the licensing organizations such as AIA and NCARB.


Reliability at its best


We are a group of Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers and Project Managers s with a strong background in prefabrication and understanding of tectonic systems.


Our team includes individuals graduated from the best Universities in the Country and highest credentials.


We are ready to provide you with basic services or turn key delivery. Your choice.


Always looking for new products

We are proud to say that we can never stand still and that we are always searching for new products to create exquisite interiors in our prefabricated homes.

Our buyers are always searching for something new that needs to get the proper exposure in an innovative environment.

If you believe that your products can be a good fit with our houses, please contact our buyers below.

Interior Decor

MoeMoe Myinttun

Lighting and appliances

Yin OO