...become part of an organic and transparent process of educated choices leading to positive decisions...  

Boltree's proven construction methods combined with the Systematic Options provide numerous benefits:

1. Use of high performance materials

A typical benchmark Boltree design will include materials with high performance, high durability and low maintenance. This is the perfect combo and it does not come at the most affordable price, however, we start from this benchmark to move into the future of your design understanding the parameters in play.

Materials and finishes will be modified based on your requests and budget to adjust accordingly through our Systematic Options Value Engineering Process.



2. Budget control in early Design Stages

At Boltree we understand that budget is important and we integrate your costs from early design stages. Since we work with reliable resources for materials and methods, we can provide you with accurate costs during the design process. In addition, even if we know that our preferred suppliers have a very good price/quality ratio, we will also kick off upon your request, a bidding process to assure you will get the best deal in a transparent environment.

As Owner, you will be in control of the entire process and of your finances. You will always know where your money is going.

At Boltee we also offer services of Owner's Representative and/or construction manager either directly through us, or through our trusted industry partners.


3. Clear project process outline and NO surprises

Our process and schedule is clearly outlined from the offset. You will always know when something will happen and what to expect.

At the beginning of our journey, you will receive an outline of our process that will keep you posted about critical milestones and related responsibilities of each project team member.

You are part of the Team!


Please review the diagramatic outline of our project type based  process.


4. Architects & Engineers work on your project

At Boltree you will never speak to financially motivated salesmen.


When you talk to us, you will only speak to highly qualified professionals, Engineers, Architects, GCs who will give you ethical, impartial advice and qualified suggestions for your best interest.


Transparency is paramount and our mission statement is to help and give you guidance through this unfamiliar process.




5. 100% design control

At Boltree we do not work with a system but instead with Systematic Options.

A system limits you with the design opportunities and flexibility because is a kit of components that have to come together within some pre-established rules. 

The way we work is the total opposite and you will not hear from us that something cannot be done. The design limits are in your vision.

Every design option is available and can be explored by our team of Designers, Architects and Engineers.

You will control the design and budget as we progress together. 


6. LEED certification fast track

At Boltree we believe that the re is NO difference between a "LEED certified"  and a "LEED Certifiable" building. The building performs the same; the only difference is that you can have an expensive certificate attached to it or not. 


We believe in value propositions and trust that using the certification funds to improve the performance of the building is a better option for you and the environment.


Although you understand that we are not true supporters of LEED, we are still able to prepare, at extra charge, the documentation needed to pursue a LEED certification for your building. 


7. Custom construction details

When you work within a system, all the details are figured out and repetitively placed in the conditions that fits better. This is where the economy of scale gets in place and you see your design savings.


In our case, yes, we do also make use of standard details that we already developed, however, we take our job with pride and develop new details for your custom design yet adapting to prefabrication and system tectonics. The result is that there is no design compromise and we never try to shift you away from your vison to make it easier for us.

We love challenges!  


8. Material count and Pricing Negotiation Open Book

One of the best values we can offer, is that we update costs as we develop the design, so you will be always aware of what feature or finish is diving deeper in your pockets, make an effortless decision to change direction and adjust accordingly.


When your design is finalized, we go back to a competitive bidding process and search for more savings. All open book.



9. We connect you with the right suppliers

At Boltree we do not fear to let you know "how the sausage is made"; we leverage on our knowledge and know-how, not on hiding from you where the parts and pieces are coming from.


You will buy direct, and we will get you the best prices through our network of suppliers.


Since transparency is paramount, you will have multiple options and bids available for review.

10. 100% transparency

By  now, after reading through all the other nine reasons why you should choose Boltree, you probably understood that transparency is paramount in our organization. We select our teams, our collaborators and partners based on ethical conduct and professionalism.

As soon as you will have your first call or meeting with us, you will soon understand that you are immersed into a service oriented, fun and creative environment, which you will find very refreshing.   



The pathway to the successful completion of your project cannot be more risk free and transparent.

There are 3 phases-steps in the evolution of the design of a building: Schematic Design, Design Development , and Permit Set. At each phase you receive a set of drawings with higher detail and therefore more information that you need for a more accurate budget study and feasibility. At the Schematic Design level, for example, you will be able to have a ballpark cost of construction to decide if it suits you; as you move upward to higher detail phases, you will be able to have more and more accurate costs of construction.

Boltree offers also 3 levels of customization:  Standard, where a design that you select is "off the shelf" and a starting point to dive in the process. From Standard design you can then move horizontally to further increase a level of customization of your building to the point that it can be 100% custom.

At each milestone, when you collected enough information to make an educated decision, review your budget and project feasibility, you can choose if you want to stay within the same level of customization, or if you want to upgrade to a higher standard.

Although you can choose to start from any level, you have the option to start from the Standard  design option with a minimal investment. Each Phase you may choose includes a the drawings plus 1+ hour consultation with an Architect who will walk you through the process in detail understand your goals and budget, and explain you the benefits of proceeding in any of the directions available. This consultation alone can save you thousands of dollars you would be otherwise spending using other venues than Boltree. It is very common in the industry to pay a hefty price to just find out that you moved in the wrong direction .

Our process prevents this from happening.





A typical wood construction assembly is made of wood studs (commonly known as 2x4s) placed 16" off center with batting insulation material in between (#3 picture above).

When exposed to weather conditions, the insulation along the entire assembly is NOT equal to the insulation value (R value) of the insulating material but inferior; this is due to what is called "Thermal Bridging", which is caused by the fact that the studs are transferring either heat or cold through the wall into the interior space.

With the Boltree system thermal bridging does NOT occur because the insulating material (which has the highest R value found in the construction industry), is placed outside the metal studs, making it impossible to both cool and heat to travel into the indoor space, and making the Boltree system second to none.

Boltree's insulated panels, available in thicknessed from 2.5" to 8", based on project locations and level of insulation desired, are pre finished in multiple colors and textures. Additional finishes are available through Boltree's rainscreen system, which is attached outside the insulated panels and provides panelized finishes for any taste.

In addition to the quick assembly and easy maintenance, another benefit of the rainscreen system is that it creates an air gap between the exterior surface and the insulated panel creating an additional barrier for heat gain caused by direct sunlight.  


Wood studs @ 16" o.c

9 layers of materials = more labor

Water Damage - Wood can rot

Wood is NOT fire resistant

Termites - Periodical Tenting




Metal Studs @ 24" o.c - LESS Material = LESS Labor

ONLY 3 layers of materials = LESS Labor & MORE Speed


Fire Resistant - Lower Insurance costs

NO Termites - No cost for Periodical Tenting

NO MOLD - Overall Better Indoor Air quality