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Boltree approach goes beyond the attempt to meet your budget using the best products with best performance. Our design professionals will also propose a design making use of passive solar strategies to make your building sustainable and efficient at no additional cost.


Using the most efficient material combined with the worse solar design is useless and sometimes the combination of performance gain-loss is a wash. With a proper building design, combined with the right materials in the right places, you will get the most out of the performance of each material with no waste.    


Infrastructure, architecture and devices that achieve a result by directly using natural forces without first converting it to electricity.

  • Passive Heating
  • Passive Cooling
  • Green Roofs
  • Rain Gardens
  • Thermal Mass
  • Natural  Ventilation
  • Daylighting
  • Heat Chimney
  • wall insulation boltree.jpg
  • natural ventilation boltree.jpg
  • daylighting boltree.jpg
  • thermal mass boltree.jpg
  • heat gain boltree.jpg
  • rain water collection boltree.jpg
  • heat chimney boltree.jpg


Infrastructure, architecture and devices that use or produce electricity to achieve a result.

  • Solar Panels
  • Wind Turbines
  • District Heating
  • Deep Water Cooling
  • geothermal cooling and heating boltree.jpg
  • wind turbine boltree.jpg
  • solar panels boltree.jpg


Intelligence engine for wellness that integrates with home automation systems to deliver higher quality of comfort level 

  • Circadian Lighting
  • Air Purification
  • Water Purification
  • Automatrd Lighting Control
  • Comfort 
  • Circadian-sun-progression-RGB.jpg
  • Circadian sun progression boltree.jpg