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Boltree offers countless options for colors and finishes and would be too many to list.

Below you find a summary of the materials we like to work with and believe that can be the ideal option for your design.

If you have a specific request in mind or something you think is not in our list, please contact us, we will be glad to let you know that it can be done.




Our various series of wall and roof panels are filled with non CFC polyisocyanurate foam. The panels are manufactured in a uniform pressure laminating process that bonds metal facings to precured insulating rigid foam cores.

The R-24 "whole wall performance" of a standard Boltree 3" IP (Insulated Panel) is more than 2.5 times higher than a timber framed 2x4 batt insulated wall assembly.

Multiple colors and finishes available.


When budget is the driving force, corrugated metal panels are the peferred option. Available in numerous colors and corrugation profiles, the panels are attached directly to the structure while insuklation is provided by conventional batting.

This option is very cost effective for areas where there is no insulation required or can be used together with other available finishes to reduce the overall cost and provide some design articulation.    



Achieve the rich look of wood siding without the environmental impact. Available in a variety of profiles to achieve looks ranging from colonial to contemporary. Composite wood can also be shaped, cut and curved for maximum design flexibility. The material blend makes it durable for use in the most extreme environments. It also has the highest possible rating against fungal decay, making it perfect for areas prone to excessive moisture.

Made with rice husks, common salt, and mineral oil.

Many standard colors available or you can stain to your preferred final finish.


Quality fiber cement panels set the industry standard in unique, natural and timeless beauty. Boltree systems give architects and installers the needed resources to design intelligent rainscreen walls that address deep cavity systems and/or continuous insulation. Fiber cement panels give aesthetic freedom to incorporate concealed, lap-siding or visible attachments.

Available in numerous colors and finishes:

•translucent or pigmented top layer

•iridescent surface on a pure acrylic base

•vivid cement composite structure - raw material with warm aesthetic appearance


Made of natural raw materials, porcelain-grade ceramic rainscreen panels are through-body colored, light-weight and economical. Pollution resistant and maintenance-free, porcelain stone panels offer an elegant, high-performance rainscreen solution at an exceptional value.

Ceramic tiles can be used in both concealed or visible mounting system.

•Economical, high-performance rainscreen assembly

•Pollutant resistant panels – ideal for high-traffic environments

•Unalterable colors that are not affected by light or weathering



Moisture resistant plywood is used in the architecture industry for exterior facades. Similar to the marine grade plywood, the Exterior Grade Plywood (EGP) gives your exteriors a modern and warm finish with a natural wood texture without compromising performance and durability.  Easy to install and maintain.

Panels come as large as 4'x8' and can be cut to specification, however, panel sizes may vary based on the hardwwood or softwood finish that is chosen.


Terracotta cladding is the solution for applications where weight of the facade and project budget call for a thinner, more economical approach.  The beauty of natural terracotta finish available in many colors with either smooth or grooved texture.

•100% Natural Material that is maintenance-free

•Engineered, turn-key system assembly that ensures optimal performance

•Sunscreens: eight standard shapes in lengths up to five feet

•Panels length up to four feet - larger sizes available with custom order