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Boltree makes use of the most advanced, practical, economical resources to design your building.

The benchmark product we propose is based on steel structure integrated with a customized skin made of insulated panels. Our design expertise combined with a superior understanding of the systems delivers a final product with a performance second to none and an appearance tailored to your vision without compromises.

The steel structure, based on the design intent, can be engineered to be either a prefabricated "red iron"  coming directly from the warehouse technology, or a prefabricated light gauge steel panelized system making use of the advanced FrameCad software.    



The panelized system, on the other end, is designed to fit minimizing waste, giving you opportunities to review different suppliers and have numerous bids. The structure can be erected in days, but the really good news are that you will receive the materials directly from the suppliers at wholesale price.


Our approach is first and foremost about transparency and to offer you guidance through a process which is often confusing, eliminating unknowns and surprises.       



Sustainability, durability, fire resistance, structural performance and time-effectiveness are some of the most compelling reasons for using light gauge steel in your building project.

As a dependable, non combustible material, steel-framed structures provide a wise investment for builders and homeowners alike.


Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. In a steel framed structure, at the end of its lifecycle, 100% of the steel can be recycled. About 25% of all the steel in circulation contains recycled material.


A steel structure is much lighter than a similar structure in wood or concrete.

The weight saving translates into reduced transportation costs and a reduced load on foundations which minimizes the amount of concrete used.


Steel does not rot or grow mold because it does not absorb any moisture; it also does not generate off-gassing throughout its lifecycle. Steel also does not require toxic chemicals to prevent depletion. Steel uses zinc which is also an essential nutrient for human health.


About 90% of the construction process is front loaded even before materials reach a building site, in addition, our structures are installed in a fraction of the time. The structure of a typical home will be erected within a week.


Human error is about entirely mitigated by the prefabrication process. Structures are pre- installed within a dimensional tolerance of only 0.5mm (1/64 inch), and will not twist, warp, split, bow, or shrink as wood commonly does. The prefabricated elements are perfectly straight, square and plumb.


Steel is typically 3 times stronger than Lumber of identical weight. Steel is also stronger and more ductile, which makes it a more resilient material. This translates in a huge advantage in locations prone to extreme conditions such earthquakes and hurricanes.


Steel is inorganic and does not provide a habitable environment for termites.

Steel structures also create a stronger barrier to prevent pests and rodents from entering the building. Less termites, pests and rodents, means less requirements for poisonous chemical treatments and periodical fumigations.


Steel is a noncombustible material and will not facilitate the spread of fire.

The reduction of fire risk for occupants, neighbors and firefighters   translates in lowered insurance premiums for both builders and owners. homeowners.

Not Wasteful

The process of fabrication of red iron structures or the state of the art and accurate CNC equipment used for light gauge structures, reduces the waste to the minimum. Waste  is as low as 2% in the manufacturing facility and 0% on site.

The process is significantly less than traditional wood construction, where  the waste averages around 20% .


When there is a need for long spans, wide openings, and cantilevers, or simply need for an exposed steel looks with industrial touch, we adopt a full steel structural design approach.

The system provided is pre-engineered, and ready to bolt in place to then have insulated panels attached to it.

Steel members come unfinished with the classic red color to be painted with your preferred finish or they could be pre painted in the factory to your specification.

The panelized system is then securely attached to a steel sub frame. Panels come standard in thicknesses ranging from 2.5" to 6" with R values varying from 19 to over 34 and are available with numerous colors and finishes.


The insulated panels can be used as exterior finish or as a performance based skin component to be cladded with other materials/finishes available. 

Our Systematic Options approach will inform you about cost and budget update to accordingly choose the best wall assembly, which ultimately is one the most impacting factor to your budget. FOR MORE INFO REFER TO SKINS



If the design of the building does not require large spans and very wide window openings, we propose a cold rolled structure approach.

A lighter frame, efficient, durable and cost effective is the preferred system to accomplish looks and target a fixed budget.

A "stick" frame system with 16" to 24" o.c. is adopted for both exterior and interior walls.

Exterior walls are then cladded with our panelized system, while the interior walls are finished with traditional gypsum board or any finish of your choice.

It must be noted that there is no thermal bridging happening on the wall system configuration. The R Value of the insulated panels is the actual value for the entire wall assembly.


The exterior panelized system is used as our initial benchmark to inform you about performance/budget opportunities and let you make an informed decision about the direction you want to take next. We can reduce your budget and modify the assembly accordingly.


This is our favorite approach where the solid steel does the job when large spans or wide openings are needed, while the cold rolled approach is used in those remaining areas where shear forces can be controlled without the use of a moment frame. The result turns to be the most cost efficient and the lightest steel frame design.

The panelized system is then attached on the outer surface of studs and steel columns, again without the creation of any thermal bridges.


This is where our Systematic Options approach creates the true value and budget control. The skin of a building relates to several factors that we identify as VARIABLES.  Every building we design is unique to respond the customer's taste, program and budget, therefore the most optimal combination of aesthetics, performance and cost have to meet with the proper prefabricated system available. Variables also include geographic location, labor availability, demand/offer ratio, speed of construction vs. material costs, so our study provides the best tailored system to your unique needs.    


A rainscreen is an additional layer of material that has the purpose of creating a ventilated cavity behind it; this cavity allows the dissipation of moisture by drainage or evaporation.

The benchmark system that Boltree adopts is a combination of an inner layer of insulated panels, which are water resistant as stand alone, plus an exterior layer of material (rain screen) that serves multiple purposes:


  • additional layer of water intrusion protection;
  • aesthetic finish to add texture, color, design articulation;
  • accent material to improve building facade design.


A rainscreen system can be applied to facades with higher exposure to water and wind, but also to facades in need for a visual accent or strong sun exposure, where the second layer and air cavity help, with the proper assembly, to reduce heat gain and increase energy savings.  



The pricing for the system is the lowest that you can get, in fact, we put you in contact directly with the suppliers to give you access to their best pricing. For the insulated panels, you will have the option to bid for the best price. 

Boltree will provide you with a design, engineering, and all specifications that you need to move your project forward.

No hidden fees or markups!