Fully Customized Building Design

Sometimes a Standard or Semi-Standard pre-designed building does not fit your site or your specific needs, or perhaps you have something else in mind when it comes to design and overall appearance.

Our Custom design option is therefore your solution and with us it is also a very economical alternative for a final product that is fully custom tailored to your needs.


Why are we so competitive with a Custom Design?

The answer is simple: first we have very talented Designers/Architects who can immediately deliver what you like; second, because our Architects are trained to use proven construction methods of prefabrication and are able to utilize solutions that they are very familiar with, keeping in mind cost and without compromising with aesthetics. This is what we do.


Based on the size of your desired Residence, we work within a flat fee to deliver what you need.


For multi family or commercial buildings, please inquiry by filling the contact form

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