Set of drawings for initial budget study, site feasibility, building authorities evaluation and initial discussion with Project Team.

  1. Cover Sheet with Colored Rendering
  2. Your name, Contact Phone #, Site address on Title block
  3. Plans (dimensions, materials, finishes, areas)
  4. Elevations (dimensions, elevation markings, finishes, window call outs, window dimensions)
  5. Color elevations 
  6. Interior elevations (dimensions)
  7. Finishes specs*
  8. Takeoff Ready


* Note: this is an affordable approach for your preliminary feasibility study and cost of construction estimates.

A general Contractor will only be able to provide you with ballpark figure pricing for you to evaluate and establish if you are on the right track or not with your budget, schedule, and general expectations.  The drawings are take-off ready but only provide a limited amount of detail. A general Contractor may charge you to price this building since there are some assumptions to consider. For a more accurate cost of construction budget and opportunities to apply for a construction loan, we suggest to use the Design Development or the Permit Set products