The Permit set can be used for the following purposes:

Accurate cost estimate/budget study and bidding

Construction loan application

Preliminary Permit Evaluation/Permit Application*

  1. Cover Sheet
  2. Your name, Contact#, Site address on Title block
  3. Plans (dimensions, materials, finishes, areas)
  4. Elevations (dimensions, elevation markings, finishes, window call outs, window dimensions)
  5. Sections (dimensions, elevation markings, detail call outs)
  6. Enlarged Sections (dimensions, elevation markings, detail call outs)
  7. Finishes Specs
  8. Window Schedule
  9. Door Schedule
  10. Finish Schedule
  11. Interior elevations with finishes (dimensions, finishes, outlets)
  12. Material Count/Cost
  13. Standard details
  14. Interior Standard Details
  15. RCP
  16. Electric Plan


* This Set of Drawings will meet the Architectural requirements of most jurisdictions in the US; please check with your local Building Departments about additional drawings that may be needed.