Boltree Drawings Sets of your new house

Boltree provides drawing sets based on your current stage in your project and your level of commitment.

The sets of drawings are a very valuable tool to understand the feasibility of your project and the associated costs.

The Schematic Design Set (SD) provides some information that will give you access to a broader construction budget for your project; the Design Development Set (DD) on the other hand will  give you a much more defined cost of material and construction you will have to work with.

Finally, the Building Permit Set (BP) gives you the ultimate access for detailed cost of materials and construction.


We highly suggest you purchase the Design Review and Feasibility Consultation before you decide for any Drawings Set. This opportunity will give you a complete understanding of the process, the way we can help you manage your project, the way we can manipulate the costs of your project using our Systematic Options (SO) process, and finally limitations you may not be aware of.


Is a small investment that can save you a lot of money and time as you decide to enter the process of decision making.


Choose your Product:

  • Schematic Design Set
  • Design Development Set
  • Building Permit Set
  • Design Review and Feasibility Consultation


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