Design Review & Feasibility

You have a site and a bunch of ideas, but where to start from?


In this meeting we will analyze the site conditions, accessibility, site topography, but mainly your ideas. We will explain you what options you have for structural systems, review finishes and overall wall assemblies that may work best with your budget and climatic zone, give an overview of the system and explain the performance parameters used.


In the meeting we will also explain fees, a la carte options you may have and outline a realistic schedule. At the end of the conversation you will know what the best step is to take next.  


Your consultation will be with a Licensed Architect or Engineer, not with a salesman reciting a pitch. Quality is paramount.



DESIGN REVIEW & Feasibility (2hr) 

  • Review design ideas  - Provided by Owner
  • Review of Program - Provided by Owner
  • Review of Site conditions – Provided by Owner
  • Review of Structural Options
  • Review of Finishes
  • Review of System/Performance
  • Review of Fees/Schedule/Material List/Cost